Data Recovery Lincoln

Schrock Innovations has the Midwest’s most advanced data recovery center.

Using our state of the art diagnostic, repair, and imaging equipment, we can recover data in almost all cases. Data loss can be a real nightmare. Bring us your failed hard drives and get a free quote!

  • Failed or clicking hard drive
  • Camera and phone flash memory cards
  • Failing or broken USB flash drives
  • CDs, DVDs, and Mini DVDs
  • External hard drives

Schrock Innovations data recovery options are much more advanced than the simple software options on the market today.

For example, our data recovery-specific imaging device can see hard drives that your computer can’t or won’t recognize when they are plugged in.

Schrock’s firmware diagnostic and repair equipment can stop a drive from clicking and restore its normal data function.

Best of all, there is no charge to have us look at your device and evaluate it for a recovery. Then, we can proceed with a successful recovery.